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2021-06-14-forming-habits-is-still-hard.gmi (756B)

      1 # Forming habits is still hard.
      2 Not much has honestly changed, travelling between states.
      3 Waiting for results.
      5 I wonder what was the point of this.
      6 Well there is no point stopping now.
      8 Anyway I should really write more.
      9 perhaps a drabble editor that can pin you to a set number of words...
     11 ## Laptop restoration
     12 I pulled the old AMSTRAD ALT-286 out of storage and I'm thinking about restoring
     13 it.
     15 It has a decent keyboard for typing on, and the screen is pretty clunky but is 
     16 functional still.
     18 Replace the internal HDD and FDD with a GoTek FDD Emulator running the custom 
     19 firmware.
     21 Possibly attach a raspberry pi to the ISA bus, maybe expose a few custom bios
     22 services, to help as an accelerator such as TLS offload, networking, extended 
     23 storage.