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diff --git a/caddy/README.md b/caddy/README.md @@ -95,7 +95,20 @@ jwt { } login { - google client_id=xxx,client_secret=yyy,scope=email + google client_id=xxx,client_secret=yyy } ``` -Note: You must enable Google Plus API in Google API Console + +### Potential issue with a different `cookie-name` in http.login and `token_source cookie cookie_name` in http.jwt + +1. If you use `redirect` in http.jwt and you: +1.1. Are redirected to http.jwt's `redirect` page that is in your caddyfile +1.2. Are unable to navigate to any page that is protected by http.login +1.3. Appear to be authenticated when you visit the `redirect` page or `/login` + +2. If you don't use `redirect` in http.jwt and you: +2.1. Are displayed a 401 error for the page you navigate to +2.2. Appear to be authenticated if you navigate to `/login` + +Possible solution: +Confirm that `cookie-name` in http.login and `token_source cookie cookie_name` in http.jwt are identical